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Would You Like to Bug Someone?

Oops! It's illegal!

Federal laws as well as state codes make it illegal to bug people. Our business is discovering this illegal activity not promoting it.

Beware of spy shop operators. They are often in the business of providing eavesdropping devices as "educational kits" or something that sounds legal. Don't believe these crooks.

Read the law. People who have eavesdropping devices are breaking the law. See 18USC2512.

case study
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One of our investigators was present at the sentencing of Gary Bandy in federal court. It was a great event.

He got 18 months for bugging his wife's conversations.

The guy who helped him put the bugs in also was sentenced.

A lawyer who ignored the crime claimed to "have his life changed" by the event. Too bad he wasn't given a cell next to his client.

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