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    Evidence disappears
    Witnesses forget
    ...but digital details remain


Founded in 1987, before the web existed.

We specialize in technical enquiries…

discovering clues in computers®, performing detailed eSleuth – computer forensic investigations, finding electronic eavesdropping devices, providing court testimony.

Forensic Basics

Whenever investigations of computers and phones are needed it’s time to call an expert. Critical steps to preserve evidence will be missed by most computer techs.


When the wrongful termination suit arrives 2 years from now, how will you respond? Call us to learn about the process of saving computer and phone evidence.


US attorneys and local prosecutors depend on us for accurate testimony. Don’t risk your case with a less-than-professional approach.


Threats are a problem in stalking, domestic violence, and other criminal situations. Today’s threats often arrive via phone or computer.

Our qualifications are different.

See our capabilities

Founder’s Blog


How can terrorists be stopped?

November 14, 2015
The terrible attacks in Paris last night remind us that evil is part of the world that we live in. Events of this sort always bring to mind the concern about stopping the next attack by terrorists. Fortunately, mounting a large attack of this sort requires more planning, discipline and resources

The Miracle of Microelectronics: Tektronix

November 9, 2015
For much of the last 20 years we have used an incredible software-defined radio to search for eavesdropping devices.  It was made by the famous Watkins-Johnson company.  The list price was $25K; we got a used one for $9K.  Now a new instrument from Tektronix promises to replace our radio.

Big news for international organizations

October 15, 2015
For years the differences between US and other countries laws have been resolved by agreements which respect both sides concerns. With regard to data transmission, e.g., personnel records within an international company, Safe Harbour rules are often defined. They allow companies from other

Rescue from a kidnapping: a checklist

September 22, 2015
Kidnapping always makes interesting news.  Having just returned from an international business trip, the article “What Companies Should Do if an Employee Is Kidnapped” in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal caught my attention. The author, Nicholas Elliott, provides a checklist for